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Why Hire A Writer?

BWS - PC, glasses & lamp closeupIf you’re like me, you’re always looking for more time to do the things you want to do — let alone the things you have to do. If I didn’t turn to experts for help with car maintenance, computer glitches or home repairs, I’d have less time for my specialty — writing. 

What would free up your time? 

Do you have writing projects you’d happily outsource if you could? Would you write your own materials if it weren’t so hard and time-consuming?  Click on the Writing Services tab above for the services I offer.

Are you a writer struggling with content issues and other challenges of the trade? See my posts on the right.

Click on the Career Profile and Portfolio tabs for more about me and my writing.

I welcome your questions, comments and rate requests. Call 860-856-9877 or send an email to ContentCreation2020@outlook.com.

Truth & clarity in writing, 

Val Bolden-Barrett


If you want a writer who creates well-researched and thought-provoking content, then hire Val Bolden-Barrett, business writer & content specialist, for all of your editorial needs. Using her many years of editorial experience with diverse organizations and a keen business sense, Val listens to her clients and works with precision to deliver above and beyond expectations. 

With a clear, concise writing style, Val has the ability to breakdown complex subject material and turn it into valuable and understandable information for the reader. Her attention to detail (while getting straight to the point) leaves readers better informed than they were before. In addition, the content on her website (bestwordsolutions.wordpress.com) is always timely, with relevant topics that all communication professionals and laypersons will find useful. Forget the rest and work with the best!

–Victoria Fennell, a repeat client and fellow communications professional



©Valerie Bolden-Barrett


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