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Writing with clarity and precision gets results. It’s the formula for drafting articles, case studies, white papers and scripts that inform or train your audiences, and turn them into valued customers.

Effective writing also has a technical side. Remember those lectures from your high school English teachers on pronoun/antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers and dangling participles? Well, the rules of good grammar still apply — especially in business and despite the web’s informality.

I’m glad I remembered those writing rules. After earning a B.A. degree from Temple University, I became a seasoned writer in employee communication, media relations, public policy and public relations. And before I went solo as a freelance writer, I was an editor and, later, a senior editor of national business publications for two major publishers — Simon & Schuster and Aspen Publishers.

Writing is about integrity. Gathering information and fact-checking it are critical in gaining readers’ trust (see my post “No Truth-twisting or Fact-fudging for Nonfiction Writers”).

Keeping audiences engaged is every writer’s goal. Making easy reading of complex facts and figures is one way to make that happen.

Writing also has an invaluable “go with your gut” side. Take two words with similar meanings, or synonyms, for instance. One word always works better than the other. The choice comes down to the audience you want to reach and the tone you want for the message.

Through my work, I strive to share what I know with both writers and nonwriters (so many folks have shared their knowledge with me). And I want to give my customers exceptional writing services, because they deserve no less.


Val Bolden-Barrett, Business Writer & Content Specialist



©Valerie Bolden-Barrett



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